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Fruit juice filter / refining machine
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Fruit juice filter / refining machine

Product Description

Product Application

High precision round sifting machine manufacturers grading machine for food rice is a self-contained
equipment working on the principle of gyratory motion using low powered motor.
It separates bulk solid materials from solids and slurries, utilizing multi-plane, inertial vibration that causes
particles to pass through apertures in the screen or to travel across the screen surface in controlled pathways.
—It handles dry/wet screening of particles from 30mm down to 500 mesh in size.
—It ranges in diameter from 400mm to 2000mm, with single or multiple screening decks(up to five)
1. Stainless Steel Round Separator Machine For fruit and grain is mainly used for screening, filtering, grading and removing impurity for all kinds of powder, particle, and liquid.
2. Mainly industry: chemical, medical powder and particle, coating, pigment, cosmetic, grease, resin, ceramic sauce, slurry, quicklime, fireproofing powder, metallurgy powder, starch, flour, rice flour, carbon powder, graphite powder, manganese powder, sewage, waste oil, dung, etc.


Main Features

1. With a small volume and the light weight, it is easy to install and move.

2. With a special mesh frame design and a long life for mesh. And it is easy to change and clean mesh.

3. All- closed design, no dust pollution.

4. Different particles are graded eduction automatically, so the auto-operation can be realized.

5. The outlet's location can be adjusted to anywhere you need. It is very easy to form producing line.

6. Low consumption and noise. Environmental protecting and energy conservation.

7. With bounce ball under the mesh, it can prevent the mesh from blocking.

8. The amplitude and the material motion can be adjustable.

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