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apple & pomegranate juice machine / small manufacturing machines
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apple & pomegranate juice machine / small manufacturing machines

  • New

  • Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Kewei

  • LZ-2.5

  • Juicer

  • 100--380V, 110--380V available to choose

  • 15KW

  • 200KG

  • 2020*640*1560mm

  • ISO CE

  • apple & pomegranate juice machine / small manufacturing machines

  • Stainless Steel

  • Spiral Propelling

  • 2.5T

  • 15KW

  • 0.6mm

  • Industrial usage

  • 1Set

  • Wooden Case

  • Overseas service center available

  • 1 Year

Product Description

Working principle:

after crushing pulp, juice, leather through the hopper into the spiral juicer, due to the screw diameter along the bottom slag is expected to export direction gradually increase and pitch gradually reduce, when the material being spiral propulsion, for spiral cavity volume shrinking, form for material crushing. Screw spindle rotation direction from the feed hopper to slag trough direction, counterclockwise. Raw material add to the feed hopper, under the propulsion of spiral compression, the squeezing the juice through a filter at the bottom of the gravy, while the waste and the conical part of the surge tank by screw formed between the annular gap discharge, pressure regulating head along the axial movement of adjustable gap size. Turn the handwheel by hand wheel bearing can change head and the clearance between the spiral cone voltage regulator, changing the resistance of slag discharge, can change the rate of slag, but if the gap is too small, the strong pressure, part of slag particles with juice by filter out, although the juice increased, but the quality of juice relative decline, big gap

Product Name
apple & pomegranate juice machine / small manufacturing machines
Product Model
Production Capacity
Matched Power
Outline Size
Diameter of Screw
Diameter of Filter
Spindle Speed
Stainless Steel
Efficiency of Fruit Juice

Advantage of Juicer:

1.Health and safe: The material of juicer is stainless which is without paint.
2.Widely usage: the juicer is suitable for apple, pear, pineapple, orange and other fruit and vegetable.
3.High efficiency: the efficiency of fruit juicer is over 85%
4.Simple to control and usage.
5.Small volume and weight.

Installation operation and maintenance.

1、The machine must be installed level, and the ground screw fixation

2、Set the machine on each bolt. Washing machine inside and outside, keep clean.

3、Put through drive motor power supply, and confirm the identity of the machine direction of rotation and direction signs.

4、Before putting through drive motor power , adjust the largest head make the annular gap. Operation method: after pull brake pin and rotate for 90 o, make the brake pin fixation, and then the handwheel counterclockwise, can increase the gap between head and spiral cone voltage regulator. (open after the observation of the upper bearing cover, can be observed in regulating gap between head and spiral cone change)

5、Trial run for 5 minutes, confirm everything is well, and begin feeding.

6、After feeding, clockwise rotate the handwheel, gradually reduce the gap between head and spiral cone, regulating meet the process requirements,after 90 o rotating brake pin, in the spring force under the action of fixed inside the handwheel bearing groove, which fixed the handwheel bearing seat.

7、Feed must be uniform, forbidden hard foreign body into the hopper, so as not to damage the screen.

8、Regularly check whether the motor overload fever, adverse phenomenon, must contact the maintenance personnel to repair.

9、Check whether the drive belt is aging or crack, if found, should be replaced in a timely manner.

10、Check whether the drive belt is relaxation or too close, usually with fingers over the belt of temperature 90. The belt is too loose or too tight motor, you should adjust bolt.

Our Service

1.Professional and patient consulting service to help you find the suitable solution.
2.Further negotiation about the technical details, machine configuration, price basis, payment term and delivery time.
3. Powerful control of the machine production schedule and quality, and keep you posted about details in time.
4.Free training and accommodation in our plant during machine inspection. Or photos and video of the machine and package for your confirmation before shipment.
5.Quick and safe shipment as per your requirement including the booking ,container loading, and shipping documents.
6.For technical support, we can help you online by email and phone, also we can send technicians to your site if necessary.
7.For the spare parts, we will supply the parts for free during one year guarantee period, also the parts supplying at original cost after that.

Packing & Delivery


Stable wooden package protects machine from strike and damage.
Wound plastic film keeps machine out of damp and corrosion.
Fumigation-free package helps the smooth customs clearance.
The big size machine will be fixed in container without package.


For LCL, we cooperated with reputable logistics team to send machine to sea port speedily and safely.
For FCL, we get the container and do container loading by our skillful workers carefully.
For forwarders, we have professional and long term cooperated forwarders who can handle the shipment smoothly.
Also we would like to have seamless cooperation with your forwarder at your convenience.


1. Q: What is the power supply of the machine?
A: The standard power supply in china is 380V, 3P, 50Hz. We also can customized accordingly.
2. Q: What information should the customer provide to get an accurate quotation from us?
A: The customer should provide the production item,planned production capacity usually.Layout is needed if customized.
3. Q: When we received the machine, how to install it?
A: The machine has been installed already before shipment, when you recieved, just need to connect the electric.
4. Q: How to maintenance machine?
A: Don't exposed to the sun and rain, we have introduction for each item and customer can get our guidance through video based on our 24-hour service.
5. Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Normally the delivery time of the machine is 45 days after receive down payment.
6. Q: What is the warrantee period of the machine?
A: The warrantee period is one year since the date of B/L.

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