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coconut dehusking machine
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coconut dehusking machine

Product Description

Product Application

It applies to coconut cut into halves. The machine design, compact structure, low noise, easy to use, overall use of stainless steel.
It consists of a rack, conveyor chains, juice bucket, slagging bucket, aside rack, transmission gear and other important components.


working principle

1. The coconut laterally placed on conveyor baffle by worker, the coconut is driven by the drive shaft to move upward, conveyor chains are constantly making rotary movement, and slowly raise and delivery coconut to the allocated rack.
2. The top of the machine has a fixed blade, the coconut is cut into half under the mutual force of the blade and allocated rack. After cutting into halves, the juice out of coconut flow into the juice bucket, while the slag is discharged into slagging bucket, by angled guardrails which are installed at the top of the juice bucket to prevent coconut shell falling into the juice bucket.


1. speed adjustable to control the cutting function
2. continuous work to make sure the production efficient
3. equipment height adjustable to flexible for installation
4. with fully cover to largest protect the water collection, no waste
5. fully stainless steel 304 material to guarantee water quality
6. match with sieve inside to get rough filtrate, better for further process
7. removable knife for convenient maintenance

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