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fruit & tomato & banana pulp machine
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fruit & tomato & banana pulp machine

Product Description

Product Application

pulper: motor through a belt drive, installed on the spline of the scraper high-speed rotation, when after the broken fruit through the inlet into the machine, pulp tray to send the materials uniform rows to be scraper and screen mesh. Due to the effect of rotation of the scraper and the existence of the lead Angle, make the material move along the cylinder to the outlet, the moving track of spiraling, material on the scraper and the effect of the centrifugal force in the process of moving between cylindrical screen was chopped, juice and meat is (slurry) from the mesh through into the next procedure, beater for tandem repeat the above process (double), such as the skins and seeds from the slag discharge, in order to achieve the purpose of automatic separation. As long as the different specifications of the mesh screen and adjust the size of the scraper lead Angle, it can change different beating speed, to obtain satisfactory results.

Technical parameters  

DJ beater is suitable for tomatoes after crushing, kiwi, strawberry, apple, pear, and after pre-cooking softening of haw, jujube and other fruit beating separation.And has the following features:

1, automatic slag slurry separation.
2, can be combined on the production line and single machine production.
3, the high quality stainless steel SUS304 material manufacturing, conform to food hygiene.

Packing & Delivery
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Our Service

1, one year guarantee for whole machine except of the easily damaged parts;

2, 24 hours technical support by e-mail;

3, Calling or door-to-door service;

4, Use-friendly English software,user manual and detailed Videos/CD.

Our Company

1. Q: What is the power supply of the machine?

A: The standard power supply in china is 380V, 3P, 50Hz. We also can customized accordingly.

2. Q: What information should the customer provide to get an accurate quotation from us?

A: The customer should provide the production item,planned production capacity usually.Layout is needed if customized.

3. Q: When we received the machine, how to install it?

A: The machine has been installed already before shipment, when you recieved, just need to connect the electric.

4. Q: How to maintenance machine?

A: Don't exposed to the sun and rain, we have introduction for each item and customer can get our guidance through video based on our 24-hour service.

5. Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Normally the delivery time of the machine is 45 days after receive down payment.

6. Q: What is the warrantee period of the machine?

A: The warrantee period is one year since the date of B/L.



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